About Lilacs


With their craft and heart, Lilacs pianists open to us their conception of the music they bring us. This brings us along in our own musical journeys – of getting in touch with emotions, and of seeking our happiness.

At the same time, we as the audience share this experience in an intimate setting, both during the recital and afterwards. That is what Lilacs is for.

Why the name Lilacs?  As I’m sure many of you will not be surprised to hear, the inspiration is my most beloved pianist and composer, Sergei Rachmaninoff.  

He wrote a song called Lilacs based on a short poem by Ekaterina Beketova:

Поутру, на заре,
По росистой траве,
Я пойду свежим утром дышать;
И в душистую тень,
Где теснится сирень,
Я пойду свое счастье искать… 

В жизни счастье одно
Мне найти суждено,
И то счастье в сирени живёт;
На зелёных ветвях,
На душистых кистях
Моё бедное счастье цветёт…
In the morning, at daybreak,
over the dewy grass,
I will go to breathe in the crisp dawn;
and in the fragrant shades,
where the lilacs crowd,
I will go to seek my happiness… 

In life, only one happiness
was fated for me to discover,
and that happiness lives in the lilacs;
on the green boughs,
on the fragrant bunches,
my poor happiness blossoms… 

Thank you to everyone who has generously supported our artists, and helped make The Lilacs Recital Series a reality.

To reach me, please feel free to email jennifer@thelilacs.org.


The Lilacs Recital Series is now a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, which Ien and I personally support financially and practically. Thank you for joining us in supporting our Lilacs artists!

The 2023-2024 Lilacs season is made possible by the generous patronage of Elysium Charitable Foundation.